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Note:Gold Razer and steam(steam does not include euros) scratch cards and codes (online codes paper codes) are the same price.

Other card types, scratch cards and codes have different prices.  For details, please click More Consult Online Customer Service.










About us
Wanxiang Network Technology (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd.

   Lianyungang Wanxiang Network Technology comes from China and is an international 

trading company specializing in gift cards and cryptocurrency transactions.

   The company has been adhering to a professional, serious and responsible attitude to 

provide customers with high-quality services and achieve a win-win situation for 

customers and strong good! In today's informationized world, network integrated 

marketing is increasingly related to the future of enterprises. We are convinced that

Wanxiang will win business opportunities for you and your business!The company

 is in a period of rapid development. We look forward to establishing close and trusting

 cooperative relations with more channel distributors and users for common development.


 People-oriented, talents are a valuable resource of an enterprise, the basis for providing 

high-quality services to customers, and the driving force for enterprise development

Customer first, customer success is our success, there are no discerning customers, 

only imperfect works.

Service first, to help customers use network resources to create a little income for customers.

Honesty is a supplement. Honesty is the foundation of the company's foothold and development. Keeping promises is our operating principle.

Our advantages
high quality
Focusing on gift card redemption, it is the first in the industry to pass the certification of Amazon, Google, Taobao and other online shopping platforms, and has been recognized by more than 7,000 customers worldwide. This is a company that specializes in exchanging gift cards and cryptocurrencies.
The company implements a fully closed management, and personnel need to go through 4 protections from receiving the gift card to the customer's use; after receiving the gift card, the gift card will be sent to the senior staff for verification and review, and then put into use, and finally the financial staff will send the payment.
Possess world-class gift card and cryptocurrency exchange technology to meet the gift card exchange needs of various countries; 10 years of professional team experience, specially designed for gift card exchange; Full quality inspection to ensure the completion of every transaction.
Our survey of 2,000 British consumers found that an estimated 2 million people have gift cards that were not used last year. In addition to the retailers bankruptcy, others told us that they hadnt had time to spend their vouchers or could not find anything they wanted to consume with it.
News information
Often, many people are troubled because they work abroad and cannot send money back to their country. As a result, many gift card merchants were born, and Wanxiang Network Exchange is a leader in this industry.Usually we can go to the attached large shopping mall to choose the card needed by the gift card merchant, or choose the currently popular steam, Google, Apple and other cards, and then go to the merchant to inquire about the price and redeem.
Many small partners are often torn or cheated by merchants when redeeming gift cards, causing losses. There is a very effective way to distinguish. First observe whether the merchant is online 24 hours a day, and whether he updates his card exchange rate every day. If it reaches, we can change the small denomination card first, test the authenticity, and check the speed of use. If all goes well, it means that this is a reliable businessman. Finally, remind friends not to believe that the exchange rate is much higher than the prices of other merchants. This is usually an "Hangman" scam.
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