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What kinds of tea do you choose for afternoon tea? What are the benefits of afternoon tea

Afternoon tea, tea culture has a long history in China. Many young people are willing to try to use a cup of afternoon tea in their spare time in their busy work. Now it's autumn on duty. What kinds of tea should you choose? What role can it play? Here is a detailed explanation for you.

The classic English afternoon tea consists of snacks and tea. The snacks are usually packed in a three-layer silver tray. From bottom to top, they are sandwiches, English muffins, cheesecake and Fruit Tower. The order of eating is generally from bottom to top, from salty to sweet. It is said that this is the same order as the main course to dessert in the dinner.

Of course, the "tea" in afternoon tea is mainly black tea. In Britain, there are many kinds of black tea. The special tea for afternoon tea is Darjeeling, Earl tea, Ceylon tea and so on.

Drinking afternoon tea can replenish energy in time

Facing the high efficiency and fast pace of modern society, office workers often eat too little or too hurried lunch. A nutritionally balanced afternoon tea can not only drive away sleepy insects in the afternoon, but also help to restore physical strength.

Drinking afternoon tea is different from simply eating snacks. The calories of snacks will be stored in the body, and afternoon tea, like other meals, a considerable part of the calories are used for body consumption. It can also help people maintain their energy until dusk, so as to make dinner lighter and form the most * eating habits.

Good afternoon tea is also a guarantee of the lady's beautiful curve. According to a British Nutrition Survey, women who enjoy afternoon tea for a long time are slimmer because they maintain the eating habit of eating less and more meals. In addition, experiments have proved that afternoon tea can also enhance memory and adaptability. People who have the habit of drinking afternoon tea have 15% - 20% higher average scores than others in memory and adaptability.

Drink regularly to avoid osteoporosis

In afternoon tea, the role of "tea" in human health can not be ignored.

Black tea is mild and mellow. It first helps to strengthen bones. Researchers from Cambridge University School of medicine have investigated the diet and bone density of 1256 women aged 65-76 living nearby. The results show that tea is rich in flavonoids, which can reduce the risk of women suffering from osteoporosis.

Secondly, drinking black tea can prevent influenza, myocardial infarction, stroke and skin diseases. Studies have found that gargling with black tea or drinking it directly can prevent influenza; Black tea is rich in trace element potassium. After brewing, 70% of potassium can be dissolved in tea, which can enhance cardiac blood circulation and reduce calcium consumption in the body. People who drink five cups of black tea a day have a 69% lower risk of stroke than those who don't drink black tea. In addition, theaflavins in black tea are better than green tea in preventing skin cancer.

*, the tannic acid contained in black tea also has strong anti-aging function.

*The five slimming teas have a good effect on reducing fat

1. Drink more oolong tea. Tea has the functions of eliminating greasiness, reducing weight and prolonging life. It also has the effects of reducing food and Qi, Purging Heat and clearing spirit, generating saliva and relieving thirst, diuresis and detoxification, especially oolong tea. Take 8g oolong tea, 30g Shouwu, 18G white gourd skin, 18G Huaijiao and 15g Hawthorn meat. First decoct and remove the residue of the latter four medicines, such as Huaijiao, and then brew oolong tea with its medicine juice. Drinking this tea often has the effect of reducing fat and weight.

Fat reducing effect of slimming tea ranking is really good

2. Corn must replace tea. Brewing clean corn whiskers (10-15g dry products) with boiling water as tea is effective not only for obese people, but also for some patients with hypertension.

3. Drink more mung bean kelp juice. Take 100 grams of mung beans and kelp and cook them once a day. Obese people often take it to lose weight and reduce fat.

4. Drink more melon and vegetable soup. At ordinary times, you can flexibly choose some common fruits and vegetables, such as white gourd, cucumber, radish, bean sprouts, hawthorn, black fungus, tender tofu, etc., and make melon and vegetable soup according to the usual dosage in turn. For a long time, you can get the effect of weight loss.

5. Develop the habit of drinking soup before meals and lose weight over time. Diet should be moderate to foods high in animal fat and sugar. Pay particular attention to dinner. The amount of food should not exceed 30% of the daily amount. People who are used to nightlife and eat more nights should pay more attention.

According to the research, a diet with high flavonoids in Zhengshan small black tea can help prevent stroke and heart disease. Of course, living habits should also be changed, including quitting smoking, controlling weight, drinking an appropriate amount of alcohol, eating more vegetables, fruits and low-fat foods. It can promote weight loss, but the help is limited. It must be combined with other methods.

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