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Jasmine tea can lose weight. It also has these effects


Eliminate fatigue

We all know that when we are very sleepy, a cup of tea can refresh us immediately. Do you know why? In fact, it can produce this effect mainly because tea contains coffee, which can excite the nervous system, so as to stimulate the spirit. Therefore, hard-working relatives may as well have a cup of jasmine tea, which can not only eliminate fatigue, but also enjoy our spirit. Isn't it a good thing to have the best of both worlds?

reduce weight

Many substances in jasmine tea, such as inositol and folic acid, can regulate fat metabolism and promote the decomposition of protein. Moreover, the tea polyphenols and vitamin C in jasmine tea can reduce the content of cholesterol and blood lipid, which not only reduces the probability of arteriosclerosis, but also reduces weight. Therefore, it is good to drink jasmine tea at ordinary times in any way!



Jasmine tea has antibacterial effect * in all teas. In ancient times, it was used for wound treatment. Because jasmine tea has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, the treated wound recovers quickly. In terms of drinking, if you usually drink a large amount of jasmine tea, you can kill harmful bacteria in your body, so as to effectively inhibit the occurrence of typhoid fever and cholera. And it can also discharge toxic substances from the body. It is a very effective detoxification drink!


Caries prevention

This is because there are a large number of fluoride ions in tea. Fluoride ions have a strong affinity with the main substance calcium in our teeth. If we drink jasmine tea every day, it will increase the number of fluoride ions, and slowly form an acid insoluble "fluoroapatite" on the surface of teeth to prevent other substances from corroding teeth. So in order to protect our teeth, we'd better drink more jasmine tea! Chinese health preservation

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