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Frequently asked questions about Amazon gift cards

1. What are the benefits of using gift cards?

Answer: If you buy e-books on Amazon China site or use Kindle to download e-books, gift cards will make your payment easier.


2. What can I buy with gift cards and what are the restrictions?

Answer: Amazon gift cards are only used to purchase Kindle e-books on the Amazon China website.


3. Can gift cards be combined?

Answer: Yes. After recharging, the amount of the gift card will automatically accumulate. What you see at this time is only the total amount of the gift card, not the amount of a single gift card.


4. How to check the balance in the gift card?

Answer: You can click here to check the gift card balance.

5. After the gift card is recharged, do I still need the gift card recharge code when using it?

Answer: No need. Since the gift card amount has been credited to your account, you only need to choose to use the gift card to pay.


6. How many gift cards can be used in one order?

Answer: There is no limit to the number of gift cards used for order payment. After the gift card is recharged, the amount of the gift card will be accumulated into your account balance. When you order goods, the account balance will be automatically deducted. You can also click here to view the gift card balance and usage history.


7. If the amount of the goods I ordered exceeds the amount of the gift card, how do I pay the remaining amount?

Answer: If the gift card balance is not enough to pay for the order, the system will use another payment method you choose to deduct the remaining amount. You can change the payment method on the payment page.


8. If the gift card I have recharged cannot be used up at one time, can I continue to use it next time?

Answer: Yes. The gift card is valid for three years and can be used multiple times during the validity period.


9. Can an invoice be issued for gift card consumption?

Answer: 1). Gift card payments for Kindle e-book orders that are paid in full with a gift card cannot be invoiced (except for the amount refunded to the gift card account and used again).

2) For orders that use a gift card to pay part of the amount, the invoice amount does not include the amount paid by the gift card.


10. If I return the goods after ordering, how will the payment be refunded to me?

Answer: For orders using a bank card or third-party payment account, the payment will be refunded to your original payment bank card or third-party payment account. For orders paid with a gift card, the payment will be refunded to your account balance, and the validity period of the gift card will remain unchanged.


11. Does the gift card have an expiration date?

Answer: Yes. Gift cards are usually valid for three years after opening.

12. Why is the gift card amount in my account less?

Answer: Usually, the total amount of gift cards will be reduced due to the expiration of one or more gift cards.


13. How to check the validity period of the gift card?

Answer: You can click here to view the validity period and usage status of each gift card.


14. How to handle card refund procedures?

Answer: If all the following conditions are met at the same time, the gift card purchaser can return the card:

Any amount in the gift card should not be added to the account. In addition, if the gift card to be returned is a physical card, the area covered by the recharge code on the physical card should not be scratched or damaged. This article does not apply to "account recharge" situations.

The person who returns the gift card should be the original purchaser who purchased the gift card from our company. When handling a card refund, the person returning the card should provide a valid identity document consistent with the original card purchaser. In addition, the person returning the enterprise card should provide the official seal of the application for returning the card and the enterprise ID certificate.

The card returner can only apply for a refund for the entire order for the purchase of the gift card, and the company does not accept partial refunds for the order.

Those who return the gift card should return the original card purchase invoice and related payment vouchers at their own expense. The refunded card amount should be the same as the invoice amount. The company does not accept gift card refund requests that require only a partial refund.

If a gift card returner requests to return a gift card that has enjoyed any discount or discount at the time of purchase, the company will calculate the refund based on the actual amount paid by the returner at the time of purchase or deduct the above discount in full. The gift card at the time of calculating the refund will process the subsequent refund of the amount payment. If a gift card refunder purchases a gift card and can enjoy any discounts or benefits based on the cumulative annual card purchase amount, the company will deduct the refund

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